Figuring out what’s next 

Are you hesitant to retire because you don’t know who you’ll be without a job or what you will do with all your free time? According to Richard P. Johnson, PhD, a renowned author in the field of gerontology and creator of the Retirement Success Profile™ and the Life Options Profile™, a significant number of recent retirees flounder… Continue reading Figuring out what’s next 


When I worked in communications, it used to drive me crazy when people made up words. Especially when they changed nouns into verbs, like: I googled that information. We strategized a solution. She friended me. He actioned that last week . . . You get the idea. Sometimes a new word could provide clarity, but often… Continue reading Retiresition

It’s time to do some myth busting

Did you know that most of us spend more time planning for a two-week vacation than we do for retirement – a phase of life that could last 30+ years? If you’ve been putting off planning for your retirement, you’re in good company. A HSBC study released last week says nearly half of Canadians do… Continue reading It’s time to do some myth busting

What if we thought of aging as living?

I think when I retired I must have been put on some list for people 55+ as I’m constantly bombarded with email ads related to agelessness. All of them want to sell me ‘ageless’ or ‘anti-aging’ products or services (fill in the blank: beauty, health, brain, skin, etc.) that promise the illusion of youth. As… Continue reading What if we thought of aging as living?

7 questions to ask before you retire

If you’re working with a financial planner or pension advisor, chances are you’ve seen some nifty-looking equations that include things like your age, assets, savings, years of service, pension contributions, all sources of post-retirement revenue, etc. When all of these are factored, they result in a magic number of when you can financially retire. While… Continue reading 7 questions to ask before you retire

Change is the new (normal) retirement

I recently worked with a group where every one of the participants complained about being exhausted by the constant barrage of change that has become the new ‘normal’ in their workplaces. They felt overwhelmed by the number, scope and frequency of changes that were being imposed on them and wanted relief from the stress that… Continue reading Change is the new (normal) retirement

Divorce has a new colour

A friend of mine told me recently that her parents, who have been married for close to 50 years, are splitting up. I knew they didn’t have the most ideal marriage, but it surprised me that after sticking it out this long they would put themselves through the trauma of a divorce at this point… Continue reading Divorce has a new colour