What a Retirement Coach can do for you

To celebrate International Coaching Week, this post is about how the experience of retirement coaching is helping people manage this major life transition with confidence and ease.

When I talk with people who aren’t familiar with coaching, let alone retirement coaching, I’m often asked why someone would have to be coached on ‘how to retire’. The simple answer is they don’t – but it can make the transition from work a whole lot easier and dramatically increase their odds of living a fulfilling life once they do retire.

Leaving a career or job after decades of working involves enormous changes to every aspect of your life. Even if you are looking forward to it, such a change can feel daunting. There are so many factors that influence this major life change, and so many options available to you, it can definitely be overwhelming. Choosing to work with a Retirement Coach can alleviate some of that stress.

Coaching, in general, is about helping people move forward in their lives and achieve their desired goals.  Certified Retirement Coaches are specifically trained to assist individuals transition into this next phase of their lives with ease and confidence. Through coaching sessions and the administration of assessments and exercises, clients gain insight into their own unique strengths, barriers, and life circumstances that are likely to impact how they will transition into retirement.

Some of the common areas that Retirement Coaches work with clients on include:

  1. Facing fears: Whether it’s not having enough money, losing your identity or feeling irrelevant, not knowing how to fill your days, or concerns about spending 24/7 with your partner/spouse.
  2. Indifference: Our lives are busy and we often think we can figure out retirement once we get there. Failing to plan before you leave the workforce often results in a shaky start to this stage of our lives that can take years to recover from. Some people never do and spiral into physical and cognitive decline. When you retire isn’t always your choice, so planning for your life after work can relieve some of the stress and anxiety you may be feeling.
  3. Gaining Confidence: Many people don’t feel ready to let go of work and all that entails even when they aren’t happy in their jobs. Working with a coach can inspire the confidence you need to leave and move onto bigger and better things. That could include starting your own business or moving into an encore career, or giving yourself permission to finally slow down and relax.
  4. Uncovering their purpose: What drives many of us is our job. Finding out what else will motivate you to get out of bed every morning and how you will continue to contribute and find meaning is key to a happy retirement.

Certified Retirement Coaches are specifically trained to assist individuals transition into this next phase of their lives with ease and confidence.

5. Time management:  A lot of people have been too busy working and dealing with family responsibilities to develop many outside interests. They are worried about what they will do with all their free time and may need to explore their options for meaningful activity vs. pointless busyness. How to manage a calendar that is wide-open can be freeing or terrifying depending on your personal circumstance.

6. Getting clarity: Determining your level of readiness and exploring what’s important to you now, helps you to understand what your ideal retirement looks like vs the ‘idealized’ retirement we’ve been sold.

7. Developing a plan: Understanding what factors will most impact your transition and what are the steps that you need to take to realize your version of the ideal retirement.

8. Achieving goals: Supporting you to set appropriate goals and take the necessary steps needed to achieve a smooth transition and live your ideal retirement is what retirement coaching is all about.

A Certified Retirement Coach provides support, encouragement and the tools you’ll need to help you move into this next stage of life with confidence and ease. Why not engage a Retirement Coach and start your journey today?

To find out more about how you can experience the benefits of coaching, contact your local International Coaching Federation (ICF) chapter.

To learn more about how you can plan for and live your ideal retirement, contact: info@youridealretirement.ca for a complimentary consultation. 

Your Ideal Retirement Coaching offers a variety of coaching programs and workshops for individuals, couples and groups to help you assess your readiness to retire and how you can create a smooth transition from the workforce or enhance your current retirement lifestyle.



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